Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cherish spontaneity.

So I've been thinking about my blog lately, and I sort of realized that most of my posts are very deep and philosophical and heavy; I want to change that.  Not everything about my life (or at least everything I write about) needs to be of life or death importance.  Unfortunately, I don't think that change is going to happen today, because I was drying my hair (random) and was struck with a great thought that I need to sort of hash out via this post.  Needless to say, I packed up my computer and headed to the nearest coffee shop, and here we are.  

Enough exposition, here's my thought:  I was thinking about arrogance, and how we always think we know everything.  Think about yourself four years ago.  Four years ago I was just about to start my sophomore year of high school.  I'd never had a boyfriend, I loved polos and bermuda shorts, I didn't have very many friends, had never taken a voice lesson, wanted to be a lawyer, psychologist, or writer when I grew up, and was constantly working to be a 'cool kid.'  But at that time in my life, I was smarter than I'd ever been, as fashion forward as I'd ever been, and as sure of myself as I'd ever been.  I cringe to look back on that person, because I was a fraction of as happy with myself as I am now.  But at that time I didn't know any better.  No matter where we are in our lives, we know more than we've ever known before.  I guess in a way that's really refreshing.  Right now, at this very moment, you have more knowledge than you've ever had before, even more than the person you were before you found your way to this web page. 

While this is great for us, it also means that everyone around us is going through this same thing.  So the people who are older and wiser will always be older and wiser.  In my experience, the main 'older and wiser' influences are always trying to talk me out of doing drastic things or making big changes in my life, claiming that I'm too young or not experienced enough and trying to keep things the same.  I can't tell you how many times my mom told me that it would be TOTALLY FINE if I didn't want to move away for college, even though she knew that I did.  I think that she's been affected and hurt by drastic change and is trying to protect me from what she went through.  The problem with this is she will ALWAYS have more life experience than me.  Following advice from the 'older and wiser' people is only going to make us paralyzed and afraid to make our own mistakes.  The inevitable truth is that no matter what, we will make mistakes, but the sooner we start making our own decisions, the sooner we can learn from our mistakes. 

Cherish spontaneity, it's all we have.