Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Spy Something Pretty...

 Boston Common
Let me just start by saying that this has been one of my favorite weekends of ALL TIME here in Boston.  The weather is so nice - I think we’re FINALLY done with the snow for this year - And I’m definitely taking advantage of it.  I know earlier in the year, I made a few goals for myself.  I wanted to only surround myself with people I love and that don’t stress me out, and I wanted to get out and experience this beautiful city that I live in.  I have certainly done both of these things this weekend.  Friday night wasn’t too exciting.  Core 1 is always EXHAUSTED on Friday nights because we have class nonstop from 9 to 6:20.  Plus, it’s a Friday.  I went and saw a grad thesis project that a couple of my classmates were in and ended up crashing in my room pretty early.  Yesterday and today were the best days.  Yesterday morning I went out to breakfast at the caf with Matt and Gavin, then Gavin had to run off to rehearsal so Matt and I decided to take full advantage of the beautiful day.  We took a walk from the caf, back past the dorms, and all the way down Boylston Street to the Boston Common (About a mile and a half), and obviously stopped for Starbucks on the way.  There were so many people out with their cute puppies and SO many kids running around.  I miss that about the suburbs.  One of my favorite moments ever was on our walk over.  There was this cute little family of three walking down the street. This was their dialogue:
Boy:  I spy.... Something pretty!
Mom:  Is it Daddy?
Boy: No...
Mom:  Is it you?
Boy: No...
Dad:  Is it Mommy?
Boy: YES!
We were DYING! They were so cute!  There was also this awesome one man band there. Anyway, after a walk around the entire park, we headed over to Storrow Drive which goes right along the Charles River Basin with an awesome view of the city.  We walked along the river until we got to the docks where we were able to just lay out and take a nap in the sun right on the water.  Afterward we met up with Gavin and did some shopping.  Then we went our separate ways. I went to Whole Foods and back to my room to get ready for Harvard with the girls!  Dinner with Matt and Gavin, then we headed to the OWL Club at Harvard for a cocktail party.  By the time we got there it was pretty damn crowded, but we still had a good time.  It’s always nice to get out of the BoCo bubble and mingle with straight guys.

This morning (Sunday), I had signed up to go to the New England Aquarium with SGA.  So excited.  The New England Aquarium is RIGHT on the Boston Harbor - It’s so beautiful.  Turned out that only about half of the people that signed up were able to go, so it ended up being a really intimate group.  I ended up hanging out with Elyse, Matt, and Ally mostly.  So much fun.  After the aquarium and some lunch, we decided to just walk home.  It’s a pretty long walk home from the Harbor, but the weather was beautiful.  We walked through the North End, saw the oldest restaurant in the country, went along the Freedom Trail and saw two different cemeteries where all of these amazing historical people were buried.  We saw grave sites for Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Paul Revere, and Ben Franklin’s parents.  It was such a spontaneous thing to do!  I loved it.  

Then we walked all the way around back to the Common, where there was a huge Greek Festival and parade going on.  It was THRILLED. We didn’t stay long or anything but it felt like a little piece of home was in Boston with me. I really miss the Greek Festival back home - I’m so sad I won’t be able to be there for it this year. Also, we saw people playing Quidditch in the park.  Yeah, that’s right. Quidditch.  It was the funniest thing I’ve EVER seen. Anyway, we walked the rest of the way down Boylston until we got back to the BoCo, which brings me to where I am right now - Sitting outside of Pavement Coffee House drinking an iced tea and soaking up the last few hours of sunshine. It's days like today when I'm so grateful to be living the life that I do. I live in a beautiful city full of beautiful people.

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Skyler Martinez said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Judging from the pictures it must be gorgeous there this time of year! I'm finally dancing again at the Greek Fest this year, but since you won't be able to make it down you won't see me totally fail :) The new blog layout & picture is great too! Keep up the good work!