Thursday, March 31, 2011

Is the grass really greener?

Sitting in the light booth waiting for the opening night performance of The Mikado to start here at the BoCo.  Just wanted to write about a few things that have been getting me down lately.  Part of my frustration may be because of the wintry mix outside right now... Is this an April Fool's joke?  Not funny.  Either way, I've been really upset lately about the level of professionalism (or rather the lack of professionalism...) within my class and the school in general.  Part of it is definitely that it is nearing the end of freshman year and we've been in close quarters with each other for such a long time without much of a break.  I'm just seeing a lot of people skipping classes and disrespecting teachers and not completing their work and it's affecting me.  I know it shouldn't, but when our learning is so group-oriented, it's hard not to notice or let it affect the work I'm doing.  It's sort of made me start thinking about other programs, but then I wonder... Is the grass really greener on the other side?  No matter where we are in our lives, there will always be something else we want or need.  Happiness comes with being able to live in the present and appreciate where we're at and make the good outweigh the bad in our lives.  I guess what I'm struggling with is learning how to cope with the bad things.  I just know my family has sacrificed so much for me to be here and I want to get as much out of my education as I possibly can.  No one should have the ability to interfere with my learning.  How do I deal with this?  I'm working on it.  I'll let you know when I figure it out. 

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