Thursday, February 3, 2011

Refreshed January Hearts

My acting teacher, Doug, used the phrase 'refreshed January hearts' in an email to our class over winter break, and for some reason that really stuck with me. It's definitely been so refreshing to be back in Boston.  I'm missing SLC every so often, and constantly missing my kitty, Phoebe, my car, and I guess my mom and sister... ;)

I guess a quick catch-up on the last little bit of winter break is in order... It was fabulous. By the last week, I was totally stir-crazy and ready to come home to the BoCo, but some really cool stuff happened. I absolutely realized who all of my friends are, both at home and at school. It was interesting to see who I kept in contact with over the break, and who I actually ended up seeing at home. I had an audition for RENT with Pioneer Theater Company the last weekend of the break and got a callback for Maureen -- One of my DREAM roles. I'm definitely too young to play the role, but it was a great experience. I also was able to see the tour of Spring Awakening at Kingsbury Hall with my good friend Kalley. It was such a great show and really interesting to be able to see the show done after only hearing the music. There were a couple of BoCo people in the show too. That's always so much fun for me to see people from my school out living my dream. This career choice is seeming less and less crazy every day.

The love of my life, Jaron Barney came and auditioned last weekend and got to stay with me for a few days... Let's just say, he had a pretty accurate BoCo experience. It was so nice to have someone from home here to play with, and I really hope everything works out this year so he can join me next year! Speaking of friends from home... My baby Charley is coming to stay NEXT weekend. Can't wait. And hopefully Travis is coming up from NJ to spend a weekend? We'll see. 

Yesterday was the second of two snow days we had right in a row, and what better way to spend a snow day than with Stephen Sondheim? Me and about eight people hung out in the common room of my dorm for hours watching the Sondheim birthday concert and the recording of the revival of Company. Seeing stuff like that is so emotional for me... All I want is to be on broadway, doing what I love, and creating art. I am so passionate about musical theater and performing, and I'm lucky enough to be in a place where everyone shares that same passion.

Also, Adele's new album '21' has changed my life. It's like she reads my mind.

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