Monday, February 28, 2011

Except for death and paying taxes...

...Everything in life is only for now.

This lyric from Avenue Q pretty much sums up how I feel about my day.  I spent SO much time at Starbucks stressing out about writing a paper that was due this evening.  I ended up calling my mama and she told me not to stress out about it; that this pressure was only for now and that by tomorrow it would all be over with.  I think that's a great philosophy.  Live for the moment.  So much of our time is spent worrying about the future or regretting the past, while we're missing out on life right now.  As an actor, that's one of the main goals is to be present with the character.  But how can we be present with a character in a made up situation if we can't even stay present with ourselves in real life?  There's a term we use in acting class called "freshminting," which basically means constant discovery of new things in the text we're working with.  I've sort of realized that the people who can freshmint things in their own lives have easier times freshminting in a scene or monologue.  It's all about spontaneity and being free.  Worrying about the past or the future doesn't do you any favors.

Today, my bestie, Gavin Parmley took me out on a little adventure.  But he wouldn't tell me where it was.  He just told me that there was some place he wanted to go with me, but not where it was or what it was.  So we took Rachel with us and hopped on the T.  Gavin was so adorable -- He had even checked the weather to make sure it was optimal conditions for us to see this thing... So we were on the train for probably twenty minutes and got off in the middle of nowhere...

... And THIS is what we see.  This picture absolutely does not do this place justice... It was right on the water and we could see the entire city of Boston.  It was so beautiful.  It's pretty chilly outside tonight so we didn't stay long, but I have a feeling this is going to be a really great hangout for us later on this semester.  I love Gavin so much.  He's one of the people who have proven to be an amazing friend to me this semester.  I just can't get enough.  I'm so excited to be living with him next year. 

This was exactly what I needed tonight.  It was so great to get away and get some fresh air.  It's also made me really want to explore the city that I'm so lucky to be living in.  There are so many amazing places in Boston that I haven't gotten a chance to visit.  So here it is.  My vow to go out exploring this fantastic city that I'm so lucky to live in. 

Overall... Glad I have great friends to distract me from stressing out about the little things, glad I have a fierce mother who knows exactly how I'm feeling all the time, glad I'm going to be in NYC with my best friend in the world, Bailie, this weekend.  Also glad spring break is in ten days.  Thoughts of blasting music with my windows rolled down are getting me through the day.  Miss you, SLC!


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Exactly midnight

That means it's been TWELVE straight hours that I've been in the theater building.  Rehearsal started at noon today, and our shows just got out.  I'm physically, vocally, and mentally exhausted, but it was so worth it.  Miscast has been an amazing experience.  I'm so grateful to have been able to sing a bunch of great songs that I'll probably never be able to sing again.  And the best part is that it was all for a good cause.  Our first show ALONE raised over $300 dollars.  Thanks to everyone who came and supported.

Short post, I know.  More about Miscast and my long weekend a little later.  For now, I've got a cast party to go to!

Come to class, Miscats.

Friday, February 25, 2011

BoCo Backwards: A Miscast Cabaret

Here's the poster for the cabaret I'm in!  I'm so excited for it.  Last night we had that rehearsal where everyone realizes that it's going to be a good show.  Everything really came together and I can't wait for this weekend.  And here's the best part:  It's for a good cause.  It's a fundraiser for BoCo Cares, which works directly with Broadway Cares: Equity Fights AIDS.  Getting pumped for a weekend of fierce riffing and high belting -- And doing some good along the way. 

P.S. Mad props to Matt Rodin for making this awesome poster. You're a star. 

Leap of Faith

First of all, I'm not an extremely religious person.  I was brought up with religion, and still consider myself to be Greek Orthodox, but my parents were always great about letting me make decisions and have my own opinions, which I'm so grateful for.  From what I've seen. religion can often do the opposite of what it should in people's lives.  It puts a lot of pressure on people, which sometimes is a great thing, depending on the person and the situation, but sometimes it can keep people from being comfortable with themselves, which isn't at all what Faith should be.  The reason I'm bringing this up, is that lately in my life I've been seeing a lot of signs that have to do with Faith, so I thought it would be good to flesh it out a little. 

I don't know if I've talked about it at all before, but this semester I'm in a miscast cabaret called BoCo Backwards.  It's been so great being in a show at the Conservatory.  I'd say it's the perfect first performance experience because it's a chance to perform and rehearse, but the stakes are low and it's such a fun environment.  It's directed by three juniors this year, and the cast is pretty small, so that's awesome.  Basically the title sums it up - It's just a whole cabaret of songs that are miscast.  For example... Me and two other white girls are singing a medley of black girl trio songs, all the girls are singing Bitch of Living from Spring Awakening, and all the boys are singing a Disney princess medley.  Anyway, the reason I'm talking about the show in this post is because I've really learned to have faith in myself over these last couple of weeks.  Being cast equally with almost all upperclassmen, I'm starting to realize just how fierce the competition is at this school, and that your biggest supporter is always going to be you.  I've had a chance to use some things I've been learning in classes, but mostly just to trust myself.  If I don't believe that I'm good enough, no one else will either.  It's all about feeling comfortable with yourself and jumping headfirst into any work that you do -  And that requires a little bit of faith in something.  If nothing else, in yourself.  

Today, I was checking Twitter and I came across such a great quote posted by @TheDailyLove

"Wisdom is knowing when a relationship has run its course. Not everything lasts - letting go is a leap of Faith."

For some reason or another, this really spoke to me.  Without going into too many details, I'll just say that I've been holding on to so many things from my past lately, and I've never thought of my holding on to them as being a weakness or lack of courage, but it really is.  Holding on to the past is just fear of the future.  

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Let's Have Some Fun

So something I've been thinking about a lot over this past semester is having fun with my work.  In my evaluation meeting at the end of last semester, my acting faculty told me that I'm not having enough fun in classes.  Which I can agree with.  I was (and still am) pretty afraid of failure and making a fool out of myself.  I know we're in a very safe environment, but it's been a fear of mine for a long time, and now I know how to get rid of it.  The answer is simply having fun with the work.  If you really think about it, we do some really fun things in classes.  Creating a character from the ground up and auditioning for a musical in character, learning different dialects, exploring monologues in tons of different ways, becoming a tribe for an entire class and creating a new language... More on that later perhaps... But the point is, we do some pretty amazing things at this school.  It's all in the name of education, so I think a lot of us put on our learning faces and take everything too seriously, which can quickly suck the fun out of it.  So, this semester I've been consciously working to stop myself from getting too serious about anything and just have some fun.  I'm seeing a complete difference in myself.  I'm happier, and I feel like I'm getting more from my education this way by challenging myself. 

Speaking of fun, my lover Matt Burton... Or Charley now... came to visit and audition last weekend.  Sending you good thoughts!  I hope you can join me next year! 

Also contributing to my good mood lately is the weather!  These last couple of days it's been near 60 degrees in Boston.  I'm loving it.  There's nothing better for your mood than a nice walk in the sunshine. Here's hoping we don't get any more snow and spring comes a bit early.  The sooner we can go to the docks and tan, the better!  This is where I want to be right now... 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Refreshed January Hearts

My acting teacher, Doug, used the phrase 'refreshed January hearts' in an email to our class over winter break, and for some reason that really stuck with me. It's definitely been so refreshing to be back in Boston.  I'm missing SLC every so often, and constantly missing my kitty, Phoebe, my car, and I guess my mom and sister... ;)

I guess a quick catch-up on the last little bit of winter break is in order... It was fabulous. By the last week, I was totally stir-crazy and ready to come home to the BoCo, but some really cool stuff happened. I absolutely realized who all of my friends are, both at home and at school. It was interesting to see who I kept in contact with over the break, and who I actually ended up seeing at home. I had an audition for RENT with Pioneer Theater Company the last weekend of the break and got a callback for Maureen -- One of my DREAM roles. I'm definitely too young to play the role, but it was a great experience. I also was able to see the tour of Spring Awakening at Kingsbury Hall with my good friend Kalley. It was such a great show and really interesting to be able to see the show done after only hearing the music. There were a couple of BoCo people in the show too. That's always so much fun for me to see people from my school out living my dream. This career choice is seeming less and less crazy every day.

The love of my life, Jaron Barney came and auditioned last weekend and got to stay with me for a few days... Let's just say, he had a pretty accurate BoCo experience. It was so nice to have someone from home here to play with, and I really hope everything works out this year so he can join me next year! Speaking of friends from home... My baby Charley is coming to stay NEXT weekend. Can't wait. And hopefully Travis is coming up from NJ to spend a weekend? We'll see. 

Yesterday was the second of two snow days we had right in a row, and what better way to spend a snow day than with Stephen Sondheim? Me and about eight people hung out in the common room of my dorm for hours watching the Sondheim birthday concert and the recording of the revival of Company. Seeing stuff like that is so emotional for me... All I want is to be on broadway, doing what I love, and creating art. I am so passionate about musical theater and performing, and I'm lucky enough to be in a place where everyone shares that same passion.

Also, Adele's new album '21' has changed my life. It's like she reads my mind.