Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NYC, Scottsboro Boys

SO one of the best things about going to school in Boston is that New York is really accessible. The student government here at the BoCo planned a New York trip for the students. We got a bus ride to and from the city and a show ticket for just $20. MORE than worth it. People could either see La Cage Aux Folles or The Scottsboro Boys, and thanks to my main girl, Francesca Ferrari, I got to see Scottsboro. We got into the city at around noon after a four hour bus ride and had a few hours to explore before our 3:00 show. Obviously a photo shoot in Times Square was necessary...

Love of my life, Francesca Ferrari

G(a)linda and Elphaba? 

Girls sitting on the hand

My girl, Malari. We will do Side Show one day.

So now, Scottsboro Boys. Absolutely one of the most amazing pieces of theater I've ever seen. We were actually really surprised to find a protest happening outside the theater. People were standing outside chanting "Scottsboro Boys ain't no minstrel show, Shut them down, They got to go!" The thing is, though, Scottsboro Boys actually is a minstrel show. It tells the story of the Scottsboro Boys in the style of a minstrel show. We've learned a lot about minstrelsy and blackface and that kind of stuff in History of Musical Theater this semester, so it was such a good experience to be able to see an accurate representation of what the minstrel shows actually looked like. The people protesting were saying that the show's racist, but that's absolutely not the point. They told the story in the style of a minstrel show for a reason and it was extremely powerful and shocking. It was only the second broadway show I've ever seen and I couldn't think of a better one. The moral of the story: GO SEE THE SCOTTSBORO BOYS IF AT ALL POSSIBLE.

Here's the video of the protest:

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