Sunday, November 14, 2010

Target, Movie Theaters, The Mall, HOME

How can these things make me miss home so much? Me and the girls went to Target this afternoon to stock up on necessities and after leaving the store, I just wanted to hop in my car and drive home instead of walking/taking public transit back to campus. I miss my car SO much. I find that it's things like movie theaters and the mall that make me miss home the most, just because it's familiar. Only 33 days until semester break and I couldn't be more ready to see my friends and family and CITY again. How is it possible that I miss UTAH? It's because it's home, and no matter what, I'm going to love it.

It's been a really great weekend at the BoCo so far. I spent Friday night at my girl Carman's apartment with Jonathan and Evan, both loves of my life, then yesterday Francesca's mom took the Core 1 girls out to lunch at Sonsie on Newbury Street. After that, I did some shopping at The Prudential and this adorable consignment shop called Second Time Around. Then a whole group of MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE PEOPLE went out to Cheesecake Factory for Beka's birthday before Grickies (big parties for musical theater majors). I didn't go to this Grickies, but had a blast getting some of the girls ready. I'm obsessed with curling everyone's hair. I ended up spending some time with Rachel and Gavin, and finished the night off talking with Jonathan. Overall, it's been a much-needed relaxing weekend. 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NYC, Scottsboro Boys

SO one of the best things about going to school in Boston is that New York is really accessible. The student government here at the BoCo planned a New York trip for the students. We got a bus ride to and from the city and a show ticket for just $20. MORE than worth it. People could either see La Cage Aux Folles or The Scottsboro Boys, and thanks to my main girl, Francesca Ferrari, I got to see Scottsboro. We got into the city at around noon after a four hour bus ride and had a few hours to explore before our 3:00 show. Obviously a photo shoot in Times Square was necessary...

Love of my life, Francesca Ferrari

G(a)linda and Elphaba? 

Girls sitting on the hand

My girl, Malari. We will do Side Show one day.

So now, Scottsboro Boys. Absolutely one of the most amazing pieces of theater I've ever seen. We were actually really surprised to find a protest happening outside the theater. People were standing outside chanting "Scottsboro Boys ain't no minstrel show, Shut them down, They got to go!" The thing is, though, Scottsboro Boys actually is a minstrel show. It tells the story of the Scottsboro Boys in the style of a minstrel show. We've learned a lot about minstrelsy and blackface and that kind of stuff in History of Musical Theater this semester, so it was such a good experience to be able to see an accurate representation of what the minstrel shows actually looked like. The people protesting were saying that the show's racist, but that's absolutely not the point. They told the story in the style of a minstrel show for a reason and it was extremely powerful and shocking. It was only the second broadway show I've ever seen and I couldn't think of a better one. The moral of the story: GO SEE THE SCOTTSBORO BOYS IF AT ALL POSSIBLE.

Here's the video of the protest:

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A New Start

Those select... ten(?) who follow my blog will notice that I did a bit of revamping! I was finding myself bored with the idea of rambling about my "life" and decided to take this blog in a more focused direction. Also, I wanted to get rid of posts that happened during a really strange time in my life that is now the PAST. I'm not ignoring the past, but this blog is about the new and improved me who goes to The Boston Conservatory! This blog is going to be all about my time here and will be a chance for me to reflect and sort things out that happen in my life and hopefully will be entertaining to some degree. Not my main concern. 

So I guess first order of business is to play catch up on my time so far at the BoCo. It's been a busy semester here so far! I've been here for 70 days now. (Many thanks to the countdown application on my MacBook.) It's almost midterm and I'm seeing so much growth from myself, both personally and artistically. As a lot of people know, I went to a performing arts high school for junior and senior years, but I never noticed this much progress in such a short time, and here's the conclusion I've come up with. First of all, EVERYONE here at the BoCo is extremely lucky to be here and they know it. It's so refreshing to be surrounded by such amazing artists all the time. People are so dedicated to their studies here, and I think that promotes artistic growth for sure. Also, the school's curriculum is amazing. Everything I learn in one class can be applied in some other class. The things I'm learning in Voice for the Actor helps my dance classes, or my voice lessons help me in Acting. I think part of the battle is learning to make those connections and applying them. A brilliant professor can talk at you all they want, but until you PERSONALLY start making connections and using the information, it's just words floating around a classroom.

Possibly one of my favorite things about the Boston Conservatory's musical theater program is the diversity of people and talent. Especially in my class, we have a really good blend of prominent dancers, actors, and singers. I also love the fact that our class is bigger than many of the other top tier programs. I know Carnegie and U Mich and CCM accept fewer people per year, but I'm getting the opportunity to work with not just 18 to 24 individuals for all four years, but all 50 or so people. Every single one of those 50 people have something different that I can learn from them, so I'm really excited to get to know the other people in my class. Obviously right now I mostly associate with my core of 15 people, who I ADORE. I'm learning so much from all of them, and I love watching everyone make progress. It's hard to believe that we've only been here for two months. 

43 days until winter break! I never thought I'd miss Salt Lake City so much. I'm starting to understand everyone's fascination with home. It's been really interesting to see who my true friends are. It's been hard to keep in touch with everyone as much as I'd like, but my besties know who they are and they know I'm thinking about them!